Aldred Hofkunst 1942 - 2004

Alfred Hofkunst was born in Vienna in 1942. In 1948 he moved to Zurich with his family. He did an apprenticeship as typesetter and theater painter, later he worked as a stage designer at the Stadttheater in Bern. From 1965 he was a freelance artist and became internationally known for his realistic drawings. In 2004 he died in Cudrefin.

Each stage of his art was surprising and new – after the first literary etchings he devoted himself to drawn objects of his environment; Rolling shutters, windows, garden fences, carpets, fishing rods, light bulbs and flies, and the legendary mattress now hanging in the Stedeliijk Museum in Amsterdam. He worked with the tip of a pencil or color pen, which he slid over the paper in a hating way. He dismantled the subject into a dense fabric of gossamer strokes and at the same time immersed his imagery in a magical light.

Alfread Hofkunst designed a unique and rare set of Swatch watches from 1991 with a fashioned organic, eye-tricking, sculptural trompe-l’oeil.