John Holmes Surrealist 1935 - 2011

John Holmes  1935-2011

His first one man show was at the Raille Gallery Islington in 1961 followed by years of many successful shows at some of the world’s top galleries in the USA, Europe and the UK.

At this time, Holmes also worked as an art Director in Advertising and spent many years illustrating for top publishing houses throughout the world including Paladin where he designed and painted the famous book jacket for Germaine Greer’s book, “Female Eunuch”. One of his other most notable illustrations, Holmes also designed the Book Jacket for Jaws.

Among some of the worlds leading surrealist painters, Holmes takes much of his inspiration from Salvador Dali as well as Rene Magritte.

Notable collectors: Roman Polanski – Bertrand Russell Foundation – Holocaust Education Trust – CBS Records – EMI Records –Nicholas Treadwell plus many more individual collectors and Institution’s.

Society of Illustrators New York Award – Royal Society of Arts Award –

The Female Eunuch image has been ullustrated by many Magazines, TV companies as well as National & International Newspapers around the world. Prior permission must be sought to use this image before publishing.