Sally Trueman 1960

My inspiration is my garden which has everything an artist could want, depth of field, light and dark, movement and above all colour. I start with a theme which results in several related canvases.
My paintings are built up in layers and transparent glazes are applied to allow light to radiate from within the painting. For me the process of scraping and sanding down the paint surface, repainting and the subsequent scarring of the canvas becomes a metaphor for life.

I am becoming more concerned with the texture of the oil paint on the canvas. I don’t play with lots of different media. I am primarily an oil painter, but I do play with colour and glazes. I like to build up a “heavy” texture, which create a focus of interest and at the same time on the canvas have thin glazes which creates a total emptiness.

The heavily worked brush strokes that dominate my canvas are like a calligraphic mark. They are all inherent markings, in the same way that punctuation is inherent to a written page. The brushwork in these my paintings has a seductive response upon many viewers who stretch out and softly trail their fingers over my canvases, gently tracing faint lines so delicate that they are hardly visible, veiled under layers of paint and washes or they can be pulsing in the foreground.