Stephen Spicer P.HD ARCA 1943

“Rowing Deeply” Watercolour on Parchment £985 22″x26″ £1,350 as framed

Stephen Spicer ARCA PHD – Born 1943 –  Royal College of Art 1962-1965

Educated in England, Stephen Spicer graduated from The Royal College of Art in 1965 tutored by renowned artist/ tutor Mary Fedden. Spicer has exhibited in a number of group and community exhibitions with several one man shows throughout UK. Namely Studio 1 Hampstead 1971, Stove Gallery Devon 1976 and The Royal Academy 1994 and 1999 Summer Exhibition.

“My work comes from a close observation of nature and an intensely experienced subject. The relationship of Space between the spaces. Light creates space creating a platform for the viewer to enter and be drawn to the reality of my paintings. “True directional view of reality, use of simple tones and disposition and energy of the forces to produce what I see. The force behind and direction of energies outside which I empathise with.”

In my own case, the opportunity came about to take a close look at the natural world in a unique place, for which I am deeply indebted to two friends and fellow creatives, with field work in cultivation, that had a steadying and grounding influence, combined with their activities.