The Rebel Bear

The Rebel Bear’s latest exhibits have appeared recently in Glasgow with the topic of Covid in our Midst.. He is an anonymous street artist who leaves politically charged treasures all over the UK.

Street Artist,‘The Rebel Bear’ has been creating street art over the last five years throughout Scotland as well as London and Calais. The themes of his work cover politics, love, human emotion and comment on the “absurdity” of the world we have created.

Glasgow seeming to be a favorite spot. He identifies their brand with a giant pink teddy bear, often posing in photographs in a massive suit to depict this- the bear says this is to hide their face, as their line of work is not exactly legal. However, though street art if often frowned upon, the bear always leaves a sum of money next to the piece, just in case the resident/business wants to have it cleaned off- so far, none of the bear’s Glasgow works have disappeared from view.
A recent piece in a popular student haunt depicts a very positive message- reach for the stars, though many have drawn analogies to Brexit, given the blue background and yellow stars. Could the star being pulled down be the star of the UK? The symbolic presence of two young children could be a reminder of how Brexit will affect generations to come, as our star loses its place among other nations.

BBC Scotland: May 2020

“I feel like I am on my own path,” he told BBC Scotland. “Saying that, I still feel privileged to be labelled as the ‘Scottish Banksy’.

“Banksy and other artists such as blek le rat etc have paved the way for street art and have inspired my journey.”

But The Rebel Bear’s main motivation is “to make people think and hopefully raise a smile”.